Yemeni Beans

Coffee beans from Yemen have a long rich history(see our 'Coffee History' page). All coffee enthusiasts will know Yemeni beans are something different and rather special. We import green beans through our buyer based in the region. Our beans are of speciality grade with a cup score of 80+

We roast these beans by hand on pans to give you that authentic coffee experience. We love to roast these in the traditional way, its makes us ponder on how life must of been like back then. Yemeni beans have a unique taste and strong flavour distinct from all other beans. 

We are the first company in the UK to offer hand roasted Yemeni beans. We have a FSA 5 hygiene rated kitchen in London where we roast our beans and distribute to our own coffee outlets and wholesale to coffee shops. Our hand roasted Yemeni beans are available to purchase in retail bags at our coffee outlets where it is also served.

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