The name
The word coffee entered the English language in the 1500's via the Dutch who used the word koffie, borrowed from the Ottoman Turkish who used the kahve, in turn borrowed from the Arabs who used the word qahwah. The word qahwah is still widely used across the middle east, north Africa and Asia. We wanted to capture the essence of the drink and its amazing historical journey, so we named our brand Qahwah Club.

Who we are
Simply put we love coffee and found the perfect beans and want to share it with everyone. We are entrepreneurs, we put our love for coffee together with our love for commerce and launched this exciting brand in 2017.

What we do
We are primarily importers of speciality coffee beans from around the world. We wholesale and retail coffee beans. Our buyers select the best beans from different regions. We sell the beans whole or ground according to our customers preference. 

Our guarantee
We sell only the highest quality premium specialty coffee beans from around the world. We spend time and effort to source the perfect beans and have forged great partnerships with coffee growers. We are so confident our beans are the best that if our customers are not totally satisfied they can send it back for a full refund. ​

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