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Yemen | Hajah | SCA 85

Yemen | Hajah | SCA 85

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All Yemeni beans are roasted to order by hand on pans to give you that authentic coffee experience

The farm/s: Hajah is a collective coffee, which was collected from a group of farms in the east haraz area, that is located west of Sana'a.

Processing: The coffee is naturally processed on raised beds.

The region: Hajjah Governorate is located 123 km away to the northwest of the Yemen capital city, Sana'a. It consists of eight districts, the most famous of which is Bani Al-Awam.

The governorate produces 6.8% of the total production of agricultural crops in the Yemen Republic, and coffee is one of its most important agricultural crops.

Bani Al-Awam districts is famous for its fertile agricultural terraces that used to produce the finest types of Yemeni coffee, and it has achieved great fame for the region inside and outside Yemen because of the quality of its crops.


Bean info

Specialty Coffee Association Quality Cup Score: 85

Region: Hajah
Area: Bani Alawam
Farms: Collective
Variety: Udaini
Elevation: MASL 2000
Process: Natural
Irrigation: Rain & water tanks
Tasting Notes: Floral, fruity, caramel, chocolate, sweet, balanced

Pack size: 200g


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