How to make coffee Part 1 - Pour over

How to make coffee Part 1 - Pour over

Are you tired of your morning cup of coffee tasting lacklustre? Do you want to elevate your coffee game to barista-level perfection? Look no further than mastering the art of pour over filter coffee. This brewing method allows you to control every aspect of the brewing process, resulting in a rich and flavourful cup of coffee every time.

What You'll Need: 

To make pour over filter coffee, you'll need freshly ground Qahwah Club coffee beans (other beans will work but not a good as ours!), a pour over cone or dripper, paper filters, a kettle, a scale, and hot water heated to just below boiling.

The Brewing Process:

Start by placing the paper filter in the pour over cone and rinsing it with hot water to remove any paper taste. Then, add your freshly ground coffee to the filter. The ideal coffee to water ratio is 1:16, so for every gram of coffee, you'll need 16 grams of water.

Next, start the brewing process by pouring a small amount of hot water over the coffee grounds to allow them to bloom. This releases carbon dioxide and enhances the flavour extraction. After 30 seconds, slowly pour the rest of the water in a circular motion, making sure to saturate all the grounds evenly.

The Art of Pouring:

The key to a great pour over coffee is mastering the pour. Aim for a slow and steady stream of water, pouring in a circular motion from the center to the outer edges. This ensures that all the grounds are fully saturated and allows for an even extraction.

Enjoying Your Brew:

Once all the water has passed through the coffee grounds and dripped into your cup, remove the filter and give your coffee a quick stir to ensure uniformity. Take a moment to inhale the rich aroma before taking your first sip. Enjoy the complex flavours and smooth finish of your perfectly brewed pour over filter coffee.

By M.K

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